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Stay Home Stay Safe-----Stay Home Stay Safe------Stay Home Stay Safe----- Stay Home Stay Safe-----Stay Home Stay Safe------Stay Home Stay Safe || Faridkot Police Arrested 1 accused & Recovered Tablets 68,400, Drug money:87,59,000 pawned Gold: 89 gms ( 3,30,000 worth) large amount of syringes & a money counting machine || Faridkot Police arrested 2 person (Ghali Gang) & recovered 2 Desi Pistol 315 Bore 1 revolver 32 with Cartridges ||
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  List Of :Schools
Sr No. Name Address Phone No. P.S.
1 Government Sen .Sec School Vill. Jand Sahib 94783-33762 Sadiq
2 Akal Academy Vill. Jand Sahib 98559-00745 Sadiq
3 Government Primary School Vill. Sadhuwala 98788-34678 Sadiq
4 Government Primary School Vill. Kauni 98722-55545 Sadiq
5 Navodaya Vidyalaya School Vill. Kauni 01639-226621 Sadiq
6 Government Primary School Vill. Saide Ke 95010-07934 Sadiq
7 Government Sen;Sec School Vill. Deep Singh Wala 95015-00292 Sadiq
8 Little Pearls Public School Vill. Deep Singh Wala 98156-77699 Sadiq
9 Bhai Lakhia Ji Public School Vill. Deep Singh Wala 98146-24164 Sadiq
10 Government Primary School Vill. Ahil 95010-02101 Sadiq
11 Government Primary School Vill. Kanian Wali Khurd 94638-56081 Sadiq
12 Government Primary School Vill. Pindi Balochan 81465-82109 Sadiq
13 Navyug Public School Vill. Pindi Balochan 98558-02839 Sadiq
14 Taj Public School Vill. Pindi Balochan 97795-05542 Sadiq
15 Government Primary School Vill. Bhag Singh Wala 81460-80055 Sadiq
16 Government Middle School Vill. Kingra 81460-80055 Sadiq
17 Government Primary School Vill. Mararh 95014-00397 Sadiq
18 Government Primary School Vill. Sangatpura 99152-00947 Sadiq
19 Government Primary School Vill. Ghuduwala 84278-00815 Sadiq
20 Government Sen , Sec ,School Vill. Sadiq 81461-59744 Sadiq
21 Saint Soldier School Vill. Sadiq 98149-72814 Sadiq
22 Divine Mata Gujri Public School Vill. Sadiq 01639-221999 Sadiq
23 Government Middle School Vill. Mani Singh Wala 95018-00538 Sadiq
24 Government Middle School Vill. Bihlewala 95019-00656 Sadiq
25 Government Primary School Vill. Dhab Sher Singh Wala 84270-06268 Sadiq
26 Government Sen,Sec School Vill. Sher Singh Wala 95012-44633 Sadiq
27 Government Primary School Vill. Veerawala Kalan 95010-26890 Sadiq
28 Government Primary School Vill. Chak Sahu Sadiq
29 Government Middle School Vill. Doad 95015-00410 Sadiq
30 Government Primary School Vill. Chanian 98761-31251 Sadiq
31 Government High School Vill. Mumara 98154-16411 Sadiq
32 Government Elimantery School Vill. Sangrahoor 84372-00044 Sadiq
33 Government High School Vill. Janerian 95010-04838 Sadiq
34 Government Primary School Vill. Rupianwali 98553-23927 Sadiq
35 Government Middle School Vill. Dhilwan Khurd 99152-03696 Sadiq
36 Government Primary School Vill. Shimrewala Sadiq
37 Government Primary School Vill. Gujjar 97797-90644 Sadiq
38 Government Primary School Vill. Butter 94172-41012 Sadiq
39 Government Primary School Vill. Arianwala Khurd 95010-66012 Sadiq
40 Government Primary School Vill. Jhok - Sarkari 95010-20820 Sadiq
41 Government Primary School Vill. Jand Wala 94632-76765 Sadiq
42 Dasmesh Public School CBSE Partap Nagar, Kotkapura 01635-221056 City KKP
43 DAV Public School CBSE Sikhan Wala Road, Kotkapura 01635-221224 City KKP
44 Gandhi Model School Faridkot Road, Kotkapura 01635-221222 City KKP
45 Govt Sr Sec School Boys Opp Police Station Moga Road, Kotkapura 01635-221399 City KKP
46 Govt High School Surgapuri, Kotkapura City KKP
47 Guru Nanak Mission School Surgapuri, Kotkapura 01635-223279 City KKP
48 DCM International School CBSE Bahaman Wala Road , Kotkapura 01635-227954 City KKP
49 Sada Ram Memorial Sr Sec School Jaitu Road, Kotkapura 01635-221186 City KKP
50 Rishi Sr Sec School Jaitu Road, Kotkapura 01635-221274 City KKP
51 Amarpati Shool Jaitu Road, Kotkapura 01635-223078 City KKP
52 Fable Public School Jaitu Road, Kotkapura City KKP
53 New Ashoka School Bathinda Road, Kotkapura 01635-220770 City KKP
54 Bhardawaj Public School Deviwala Road, Kotkapura 01635-222046 City KKP
55 Shivalik High School Deviwala Road, Kotkapura 01635-225518 City KKP
56 Jyoti Model School Moga Road, Kotkapura 01635-221603 City KKP
57 Govt Girls School Kazian Chowk , Kotkapura 01635-220269 City KKP
58 SD Putri Pathshala Mall Godown Road, Kotkapura 01635-221612 City KKP
59 Mahatam Gandhi Memorial School Mall Godown Road, Kotkapura 01635-224550 City KKP
60 Keshav Public School Nirmapura Mohalla Hari Nau Road, Kotkapura 01635-224407 City KKP
61 Govt. Senior Secondary School Vill. Ghania 94639-80658 Bajakhana
62 Govt. High School Vill.Malla 94173-37529 Bajakhana
63 Govt. Elementary School Vill.DOD 98157-41465 Bajakhana
64 Govt. Elementary School Vill.Lambwali Bajakhana
65 Govt. Elementary School Vill.Gondara Bajakhana
66 Govt. Elementary School Vill.Burj Jawahar Singh wala Bajakhana
67 Govt. Sahid Karm Singh Govt. Senior Secondary School Vill. Bajakhana 01635-246454 Bajakhana
68 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Bageana 98736-07442 Bajakhana
69 Govt. Primary School branch Gill Patti Vill. Panjgrain Kalan Bajakhana
70 Govt. Secondary School (Boys) Vill. Panjgrain Kalan Bajakhana
71 Govt. Secondary School (Girls) Vill. Panjgrain Kalan Bajakhana
72 Govt. High School Vill.Jiwan wala 01635-248378 Bajakhana
73 Govt. Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Senior Secondary School Vill.Jiwan wala Bajakhana
74 Major Ajaib Singh Sen. Sec. School Vill.Jiwan wala 01635-248603 Bajakhana
75 Govt. Elementary School Vill.Burj Hari Ka 95018-00745 Bajakhana
76 Govt. High School Vill.Aulakh 94647-87578 Bajakhana
77 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Ghania Wala Bajakhana
78 Govt. Sen. Sec School Vill.Sivian Bajakhana
79 Govt. Elementary School Vill.Behbal Kalan Bajakhana
80 Bajakhana
81 Govt. Elementary School Vill.Behbal Khurd Bajakhana
82 Govt. Sen. Sec School Vill. Bargari Bajakhana
83 Govt. Elementary School (Rulia Singh Nagar) Vill. Bargari Bajakhana
84 Govt. High School Vill. Ran Singh Wala Bajakhana
85 Govt. HIgh School Vill. Jhakharwala 95013-05577 Bajakhana
86 Govt. Primary School Vill. Rauwala Bajakhana
87 Govt. HIgh School Vill. Wara Bhai ka 94177-40237 Bajakhana
88 Govt. Primary School Vill. Sedha Singh Wala Bajakhana
89 Govt. Sen. Sec School Vill. Saravan Bajakhana
90 Govt. Primary School (Kothe Vill. Sarawan) Vill. Saravan Bajakhana
91 Govt. Primary School (Kothe Gurusar) Vill. Gurusar Bajakhana
92 Govt. Primary School Vill. Gurusar Bajakhana
93 Govt. HIgh School Vill. Romana Ajit Singh Bajakhana
94 Govt. Sen. Sec School Vill. Dhillwan Bajakhana
95 Govt. Primary School (Kothe Ramsar) Vill. Dhillwan Bajakhana
96 Govt. Primary School (Kothe Khuddian) Vill. Dhillwan Bajakhana
97 Govt. Primary School (Kothe Hwanewale) Vill. Dhillwan Bajakhana
98 Sahid Parminder Singh Govt. High School Vill. Tehna 98762-00161 SDR KKP
99 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Pakka SDR KKP
100 Adarsh School Vill. Pakka SDR KKP
101 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Kaler 94176-17320 SDR KKP
102 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Moran Wali 99157-57900 SDR KKP
103 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Ghumiara SDR KKP
104 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Mishri Wala SDR KKP
105 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Mandwala 98723-02142 SDR KKP
106 Govt. Sen.Sec. School Vill. Dhoolkot SDR KKP
107 Govt. Sen.Sec. School Vill. ChandbaJa SDR KKP
108 Govt. Sen.Sec. School Vill. Dhudi SDR KKP
109 Sant Baba Mohan Das Ji Sen.Sec. School Vill. Kot Sukhia SDR KKP
110 Govt. High School Vill. Kot Sukhia SDR KKP
111 Govt. High School Vill. Bhana SDR KKP
112 Guru Hargobind Singh Sen.Sec. School Vill. Bhana 95923-33345 SDR KKP
113 Dasmesh Modren School Vill. Bhana 98784-00421 SDR KKP
114 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Nangal 94176-16539 SDR KKP
115 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Nangal 98727-66202 SDR KKP
116 Higher Sec. School Vill. Khara 95016-00767 SDR KKP
117 Middle School Vill. Duareana SDR KKP
118 Higher Sec. School Vill. Machaki Mal Singh 94646-73773 SDR KKP
119 High School Vill. Jalaleana 95019-99668 SDR KKP
120 Sen.Sec. School Vill. Ratti Rodi 95011-00169 SDR KKP
121 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Phide Kalan 94630-81086 SDR KKP
122 Govt. High School Vill. Dhiman Wali 98721-23723 SDR KKP
123 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Dhiman Wali SDR KKP
124 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Wander Jatana SDR KKP
125 Govt. Sen.Sec. School Vill. Wander Jatana SDR KKP
126 Tegore Public School Vill. Wander Jatana SDR KKP
127 Govt. High School Vill. Hari Nau 95015-27400 SDR KKP
128 Govt. Primary School Vill. Bharon Ki Bhatti SDR KKP
129 Govt. High School Vill. Mour SDR KKP
130 Govt. Elementary School Vill. Thara 94171-93712 SDR KKP
131 Govt. High School Vill. Kohar Wala SDR KKP
132 Govt. High School Vill. Wara Duraka SDR KKP
133 Govt. Primary School Vill. Kameana SDR KKP
134 Govt. High School Vill. Kameana SDR KKP
135 Govt. Sen.Sec. School Vill. Kameana SDR KKP
136 Sun Shine Public School Vill. Kameana SDR KKP
137 Govt. Sen.Sec. School Vill. Daggo Romana SDR KKP
138 Govt. Primary School Vill. Dana Romana SDR KKP
139 Govt. Primary School Vill. Devi Wala 94640-28673 SDR KKP
140 Govt. Middle School Vill. Devi Wala 98727-03470 SDR KKP
141 Bhai Kishan Singh Sen.Sec School Vill. Sandhwan 95019-07100 SDR KKP
142 Govt. Primary School Vill. Natthe Wala Purana 95017-00509 SDR KKP
143 Govt. High School Vill. Sikhan Wala Bir SDR KKP
144 Govt. Middle School Vill. Sirsari SDR KKP
145 Dasmesh Public School Talwandi road Faridkot 01635-250436, 98145-05227 98552-32326 City FDK
146 Govt. Sr.Sec. Girls School Near Bus Stand Faridkot City FDK
147 Govt. Mahatma Gandhi School Circuler road Faridkot 01639-252257 City FDK
148 Baba Farid Public School Harindra Nager Faridkot City FDK
149 Balbir Govt. Sr. Sec. School Brijindra college road Faridkot 01639-252374 95015-17800 City FDK
150 Sent Merry Convent School Old Cant road near Church Faridkot City FDK
151 M.R.S.D. School Near Railway Fatak Chahal road Faridkot City FDK
152 S.B.F. Khalsa School Near Cival Hospital Faridkot 97805,59014, 98038-32089 City FDK
153 New Model School Near New Harindra Nagar 01639- 250082 City FDK
154 Govt. Sen. Sec. School Vill. Golewala SDR. FDK
155 Govt. Sen. Sec. School Vill. Machaki Kalan SDR. FDK
156 Govt. Sen. Sec. School Vill. Sukhanwala SDR. FDK
157 Govt. Sen. Sec. School Vill. Aryianwala Kalan SDR. FDK
158 Govt. Sen. Sec. School Vill. Pakhi Kalan 95015-00452 SDR. FDK
159 Govt. Middle School Vill. Pipli New 98154-88726 SDR. FDK
160 Govt. Middle School Vill. Rajowala 81469-95135 SDR. FDK
161 Govt.Sec. School Vill. Golewala 01639-270133 SDR. FDK
162 High School Vill. Hassan Bhatti 97798-63048 SDR. FDK
163 Govt. Sen. Sec. School Vill. Dalle Wala 81461-00225 SDR. FDK
164 Govt. Primary School Vill. Jhoniwala 94646-19696 SDR. FDK
165 Middle School Vill. Sadhan Wala 81468-00059 SDR. FDK
166 Govt. Primary School Vill. Chhuge Wala 98728-47044 SDR. FDK
167 Middle School Vill. Pakhi Khurd 98763-87462 SDR. FDK
168 Govt. Middle School Vill. Jhari Wala 84277-53867 SDR. FDK
169 Govt. Primary School Vill. Nathal Wala 95011-00464 SDR. FDK
170 Govt. Middle School Vill. Bhegu Wala 98152-01968 SDR. FDK
171 Sant Sipahi Sen. Sec. School Vill. Pipli New 94644-51687 SDR. FDK
172 Govt. Primary School Vill. Rajowala 81465-00409 SDR. FDK
173 Govt. Middle School Vill. Hardialeana 95010-95570 SDR. FDK
174 Govt. Middle School Vill. Pehluwala 95016-08700 SDR. FDK
175 Govt. Primary School Vill. Mallewala 95016-77990 SDR. FDK
176 Govt. Primary School Vill. Bhagthala Khurd 98722-86901 SDR. FDK
177 Govt. Middle School Vill. Bhagthala Kalan 94573-01929 SDR. FDK
178 Govt. Primary School Vill. Pakhi Kalan 98723-44530 SDR. FDK
179 Govt. Primary School Vill. Bholuwala 95010-04748 SDR. FDK
180 Govt. Middle School Vill. Bir Bholuwala 97802-14098 SDR. FDK
181 Saraswati Kanya Maha Vidyalaiya Jaitu 01635-223101 Jaitu
182 Sarswati Senior Sec. School Jaitu 01635-231100 Jaitu
183 Govt.Senior Sec. School (Girls) Jaitu Jaitu 01635-230893 Jaitu
184 Govt.Senior Sec. School (Boys) Jaitu 01635-232100 Jaitu
185 D.A.V Public School BTI Road Jaitu 01635-230427 Jaitu
186 Shivalik Public School Mkts Road Jaitu Jaitu
187 Govt.Senior Sec. School Vill: Matta Jaitu
188 Guru Gobind Singh Public School Kotkapura road Jaitu 01635-290250 Jaitu
189 Govt.Senior Sec. School Vill: Rameana Jaitu
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